Women have distinct financial planning needs

4 October, 2017

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The financial assets controlled by Canadian women as well the income earned by women is projected to grow significantly over the next decade.... Read More

Special Report: North Korea

30 August, 2017

The antagonistic exchange between the leaders of North Korea and the U.S. has dominated the news and caused volatility to increase.... Read More

Estate planning: preparing for a necessary discussion

18 August, 2017

Filed Under: Estate Planning

It might not be a conversation you feel ready to have, but it’s probably one of the most important you will have, both with your family and your financial advisor.... Read More

How to help a client handle a cash windfall

5 July, 2017

Filed Under: Wealth Management

Amassing an instant fortune may seem like a far flung dream, but it is actually more common than many people think. Many Canadians who have cashed out from the hot real estate markets in recent years have found themselves in sudden positions of wealt... Read More

680 News - Marie Phillips

17 June, 2017

Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor with IPC Securities speaks with Kris McCusker of 680News about the importance of Goals Based Planning when dealing with Sudden Wealth.... Read More

Is Your Corporate Surplus Optimally Invested?

14 June, 2017

If you’re like many small business owners, you might have a substantial amount of corporate surplus – or surplus cash, or retained earnings – sitting in cash or low-interest vehicles. You may appreciate the security of liquid cash in case the busines... Read More

Community Matters: The Tenors at RBG

3 May, 2017

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On June 4th, The Royal Botanical Gardens invites The Tenors to perform, and I can’t wait! If you ever had the pleasure of listening to them, you will know why I’m so excited.... Read More

A Better World Through Strategic Giving...

11 April, 2017

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Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard

Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard, as you can see, happily attended this conference and learned a lot as a result. We wanted to share some of the lessons we learned within this Advisor friendly environment.... Read More

The Gender Gap in Financial Matters

5 April, 2017

Marie Phillips was interviewed by Rudy Mezzetta at Investment Executive regarding the gender gap in financial confidence and engagement.... Read More

Listen now ...Marie Phillips featured in 680 news!

30 March, 2017

Over this past weekend Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor, was featured in a radio segment on 680 news.... Read More

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