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Diane Yeo, Mindfulness Coach speaks to us about how to manage work life balance.

Diane Yeo takes a real-life approach to teaching mindfulness.

She is known and loved for her calm presence, clarity and passion. After spending fifteen years in a sales and marketing career, Diane left it all behind in pursuit of her passion.

Diane has been practicing mindfulness for over twenty years and teaching mindfulness since 2006. Recognizing the need for mindfulness to be both accessible and inspirational,

Diane developed the SimplyPresent program; effective tools for busy people with busy minds. Diane is highly sought after in personal and workplace settings, and is available for private coaching, courses, speaking engagements and retreats.



October 04, 2018

Cost of Raising a Child

Parents admit to spending nearly $13,000 each year on their children, but where is the money going? Housing accounts for a large percentage of parents’ annual expenditure and childcare is another major expense. The remaining funds are allocated for transportation, food, entertainment, healthcare, and clothing....


October 04, 2018

Smarter Spending

As part of your overall personal finances, it is wise to get a good understanding of your spending. It may feel a little overwhelming to try to balance your personal finances with your busy life, however you will find it well worth the effort.


October 04, 2018

Pay Yourself First

Paying yourself first is one of the best ways to build your retirement fund.‚Äč

You pay your bills every month, likely through automatic withdrawals from your bank account. However, there might be  someone you’re forgetting to pay – yourself. Paying yourself first simply means committing part of your regular paycheque to savings before you pay your mortgage, utilities, credit cards and other monthly bills


October 04, 2018

Advantages of Starting Early

With pension cutbacks and rising life expectancies, it’s increasingly vital that young adults get an early start on the journey of sound financial planning.
A lack of focus or missteps at this stage can unnecessarily delay long-term goals and financial well-being. Here are five strategies to help you (or a young adult in your life) get off on the right foot: